The colours of Singapore – Joo Chiat

The colours of Singapore – one of my favorite photography subjects.

It’s funny but from Europe I’ve imagined Singapore as a very modern (which comes in my mind with greyish-glassyish buildings), and while it’s partly true, the Red Little Dot is so much more.

I already talked about all the beautiful green places all around the island, but another charming trait of Singapore is all the traditional colourful Peranakan shophouses all around the city. Who can see them in Little India, Emerald Hill, Chinatown, …, and of course Joo Chiat.

Joo Chiat is a small and charming neighbourhood, toward the east coast, well worth a stroll.

I arrived there early in the morning, and was welcome by singing birds on a balcony.

Joo Chiat © Catherine Houston
Joo Chiat © Catherine Houston

And of course I admire many Peranakan shophouses. All with different facades, all colourful, all full of history and charm. Here is just a few sample.

I stopped a few minutes near a very small temple, between two condos.


And like I always do, I enjoyed walking around the back streets, taking pictures of bikes (another ones of my favorites subjects) and hunting colours in every corner.

and hunting colours in every corner.


What’s your favourite part of Singapore?

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Bondi Beach, Australia

A few months back, I took my first trip to Australia.

To be totally honest, I was a little worried about that trip. Even though lots of people told be about the beauty of Australia, for me, a huge arachnophobe, it still was a big black point on the map (too many spiders – can not go there!!!).

So, we compromised with my husband and decided to head there in the winter. But still,  out of the plane, in the taxi heading out from the airport I was a little nervous, jumpy even (I mean did you hear about

the huge spiders hiding in the cars!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!).

But then, we reached Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach was our first destination. Chosen a little randomly I’d admit. Close to Sydney, a beach for the kids, everyone should be happy.

What I did not expect was the amazing colour of the ocean. Blue.

But really, really really BLUE… Like mediterranean sea kind of blue.

And just like that, I forgot my fears and fell in love with Australia.

(well, next time I’d go there will probably also be in the winter – just in case).

Bondi Beach, Australia
Bondi Beach © Catherine Houston
Bondi Beach-0986
Bondi Beach © Catherine Houston
Bondi Beach-0991
Bondi Beach © Catherine Houston
Bondi Beach-0998
Bondi Beach © Catherine Houston
Bondi Beach-1001
Bondi Beach © Catherine Houston
Bondi Beach-1012
Bondi Beach © Catherine Houston
Bondi Beach-1046
Bondi Beach © Catherine Houston
Bondi Beach-1047
Bondi Beach © Catherine Houston
Bondi Beach-1051
Bondi Beach © Catherine Houston

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