“Paint it Black”

Here we go, I finally finished a new series of pictures.

I usually spend most of my time editing clients’ pictures, which leaves me little room for my own creative vibes. But Singapore has been hit with the wave of Coronavirus since January and business has been down since then… And I’m obviously very stress about that (and so many other things related to the current situation obviously).


“when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”!!

So I decided to spent some time thinking about what I like to photograph for myself and make a series around it.

I like black and white, I like nature, I like minimalism, ….

I will just put a little sample here.

To see more or in bigger size, click here ;-).

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Like a bird on a bench…

It was one of those (rare) days when I had no client appointment and no kid to watch after (well just a couple of hours really…), and I sat there, on my balcony, like a bird on a bench, not sure about what to do.

I wanted to go out and take pictures, but at the same time doing nothing and even just watching TV was not an unpleasant idea either.

I waited, and waited…. looking at the sky, thinking it’s probably going to rain anyway….

But I grew up in a house surrounded by a big garden, and my parents never considered highly staying inside doing nothing (although my dad would not argue as strongly about going outside when I was playing piano :-)).

So many years after my childhood I still have that little voice inside my head telling me that I should go outside.

So I waited a little more, but eventually… I took flight…

I did not go very far, just the park next door, but I took my camera with me and enjoyed walking, observing, remembering why I love photography at the first place.

Nature is beautiful but we often forget to take the time to look at it.

Bishan Park © Catherine HoustonBishan Park © Catherine HoustonBishan Park-3439Bishan Park © Catherine HoustonBishan Park © Catherine HoustonBishan Park © Catherine HoustonBishan Park © Catherine HoustonBishan Park © Catherine Houston


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And then…came the rain…

Yesterday someone said to me “it’s hot today”… and that startled me…

He was right of course, but I was surprised because …well…I’ve been here almost a full year now, and it’s been hot every single day…

Welcome to steamy hot Singapore!!!

That’s probably the first thing we noticed as an expat family arriving in the middle of winter last year….the heat. I think we adapted pretty well to the cultural differences, the different food, but the steamy heat was harder on us. Our little ones even started to get worried this mid-december by the absence of winter “Mom, is it going to get cold soon?” “Is it going to snow?” (and the real concern) “Is Santa going be able to come anyway?” (not to worry Santa came, and they are getting some “winter-feel” by watching Frozen over and over and over…).

So, in steamy hot Singapore you have 2 seasons

1- the hot and steamy dry season (with occasional big thunderstorms in the evenings)

2- the hot and steamy rainy season.

Right now we are in the rainy season and I kind of love it! It’s hot but somehow easier to manage. (And I always loved walking under the rain anyway.)

I love watching the rainy clouds coming in…

I even find umbrellas to be quite photogenic too :-).

I love the smell of rain, the sound of it on the roof, …

And I love to get out with my macro lens just after the rain…

I love taking pictures of the city through it’s water reflections on the ground…


Rainy Singapore Ⓒ Catherine Houston

So let it rain!!! 🙂

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Catherine 🙂

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Rainy Singapore Ⓒ Catherine Houston