Singapore – Sea Side

This morning I discovered a nice low-key nature reserve park in Singapore .

– The Labrador Park Nature Reserve –

If you’re looking for a nice walk near the seashore, far for the crowd, that would be a good option for you.


LabradorPark © Catherine Houston
LabradorPark © Catherine Houston

The park itself is quite small, and to really appreciate it at its best I should probably have been there at sunrise, but it was nonetheless a very pleasant walk on the coast. Easily accessible from LabradorPark MRT station (although finding the way from the station toward the park was trickier than expected… but then again my orientation skills are not very sharp!!), you can then walk you way along the coast toward the Harbourfront MRT station, passing on the way the very nice Keppel Bay area and it’s peaceful marina.

Enjoy your walk  :-).


My Paris (in Black and White)

Paris in Black and White


Paris in Black and White
My Paris © Catherine Houston



Just a name, just a city,

But which has made for a long time such an impression on people, even the ones who just dream about it…

It’s a tourist destination, symbol of romanticism and love.

It’s a concentrated of History, with not only museums but walls, houses, neighbourhoods filled with histories.

It’s a big city hosting millions of people studying, working, living.

For me it was first a big, loud (way too much in the North) city were I spent a summer a long time ago working as a research student in a lab in a well-known hospital. I felt crushed by the city at the time, feeling only the monotonous rythmes “metro-boulot-dodo” (train commute – job – bed time, and repeat).

Then years (a life time??) later I came back and spend a year with my family in the center of the city and I learned to love it. I discovered Paris by foot (I admit sometimes quite painful with a stroller!!).

My Paris, became my paradise for Street Photography.


Must Love Boats… (Manarola, Italy)

I confess I have many passions…ranging anywhere from my kids, chocolate, photography, travel, food…

For whatever reason since I was a little kid going to vacation in Corsica with my family I had a big thing for fishing boats. It became a tradition to hunt on the harbour for a yellow boat, anywhere we would go. I still do look for fishing boats anywhere I go. 

A few years ago my husband and I, while living in France for a while,  took a mini-trip to Italy and more precisely to the Cinque Terra. I’m in love with anything involving sea-landscape (with a huge preference for the Mediterranean sea – so so blue -but in occasions any ocean will do too…). ;-). So obviously I fell in love with these five villages. The landscape was amazing, the architecture was colorful, the food was tasty, the sea was very blue…. and here they were… the fishing boats.


We visited the five villages of the Cinque Terra: Monterosso, Vernaza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. The villages were built up cliffs and overlook the sea. Although similar in many ways each one of them has a different personality.

Cinque Terra Ⓒ Catherine Houston


Today’s pictures are from Manarola. As you can see on the pics we went there in the winter and the weather was not exactly on our side. The fishing boats were therefore out of the water, in the streets leading to the sea.

Cinque Terra Ⓒ Catherine Houston

Manarola-7220Cinque Terra Ⓒ Catherine Houston Manarola-7204




The Lone Fishing Rod…

Let’s be clear…I don’t do fishing….

I love to eat fish, but fishing takes an amount of patience that I am (very) far from having. But I can photograph other people doing it right?

So anyway, a few months back I was walking in the Woodlands Waterfront area (very North end of Singapore, at the border with Malaysia) – and yes that’s Johor Bahru, Malaysia, in the background.

Woodlands Waterfront Ⓒ Catherine Houston


Woodlands Waterfront-4728

Woodlands Waterfront-4677

and I saw these quite lonely fishing rods…(and by the way my picture on the cover of this post was published recently in Being Published Matters!!! yeah!!!).


Woodlands Waterfront-4642
Woodlands Waterfront Ⓒ Catherine Houston
Woodlands Waterfront-4639
Woodlands Waterfront Ⓒ Catherine Houston

Oh and super bonus… the fresh crabs/chili crabs at the local restaurant were pretty good too!! (and for a price more friendly than their counterparts on the more touristy part of town).


Have a great week-end!!