Three apples. Two little chefs. One photographer – Endless possibilities

Food photography - Apples
Food photography in Action (c) Mermozine-Photography


There is many different types of photography that I really love (Newborn and Children Portraits, Travel Photography, Street Photography, …) and one of them is Food Photography. I love good food and I find it to be very interesting to photograph (mostly fruits and vegetables). So many shapes and colours and textures!!

And as a mom I still need to spend quite some time in the kitchen (although sadly I’m not even close from being a good cook myself). So it became naturally quite an habit for me to have my camera on the table while preparing something, as part of the cooking process with my little chefs.

Our last “food photography in action” session involved the making of some apple sauce.


Compote de pommes-8605
Food Photography in Action © Mermozine-Photography


Compote de pommes-8634
Food Photography in Action © Mermozine-Photography


Bon appétit !!!


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